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Meet Salwa Sarwer - 2022 Valedictorian

From a very apprehensive middle schooler to a confident, and mature young woman,  Salwa’s transformation is inspirational. Salwa is a high achiever with a commitment to excellence, graduating with honours in both her high school and college courses. Despite being just 16, Salwa stands out for her unparalleled sense of self-awareness

and purpose. 

As a three-term president and current Secretary of the QCA Student Council, Salwa, no doubt has made her mark on service and leadership. At the time of the pandemic, her growth as a visionary leader was evident through her work despite challenges.

In the era of COVID-19, Salwa as the voice of the student community never missed an opportunity to support and encourage various school activities and service projects, even if it meant facilitating them virtually. While the world dealt with a pandemic throughout 2021, she and her council members worked regularly with students to create events that would not only contribute to school spirit but also help them remain engaged and productive.


The fact that her team members routinely motivated students to dress up as DISNEY characters during an assembly on Zoom, raise awareness for Zero Waste through multiple online presentations, schedule speakers for Black Lives Matter, or raise $5000.00 in donations through a virtual campaign to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society truly represents an unbridled passion. Today, even as student council secretary, Salwa thrives as a leader, and it’s a joy to watch her mentor the current student council president.

Outside of school, Salwa is an entrepreneur managing a tutoring company that she co-owns with her sister. Together they have served over 20 students in the past two years by teaching Math, English, Science, and Arabic. She also runs an Art club for her neighborhood buddies and volunteers consistently in various pre-teen and teen workshops conducted by local organizations. 

Last but not least, Salwa’s zeal for service drives her across mediums. No doubt, Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst teenagers and Salwa recognizes that. At age 16, she has the foresight and fervor to take part in an initiative to create interactive and engaging YouTube tutorials for Arabic learners worldwide. She is clearly an innovative thinker and her interest in computers may lead her to a career in technology. 

Salwa graduated with both a High school diploma and an Associate's Degree from Dallas College with over 300+ hours in community service. She has received multiple college acceptances from TX, NY, and MI with a total scholarship amount of $523,000.00 MashaAllah.

Salwa will continue her journey at the University of Texas at Dallas as a Computer Science major. 

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