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About Us


Qalam Collegiate Academy was established in 2013, as a response to the need for a faith-based school that would be dedicated to supporting, educating, and embodying young women with the values and tools they needed to ascertain a vital role in the community and world at large.

With humble beginnings, starting at just nine students, in four years the student body has not only grown but continues to grow. By the grace of Allah, this year we were able to expand into a larger facility while increasing our enrollment. We aim to create an environment that is cognizant of the realities of our girls and facilitate learning in a way that is representative of these traits. We know our girls spend a generous portion of their day with us and that is why we want to make sure they enjoy coming each and every day. With that being said, what we do here at Qalam would not be possible without a team of staff and faculty that understand our vision and are motivated to see their students achieve the best they can.

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