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Academic Programs

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Qalam Collegiate Academy is committed to offering quality education to its students. In order to fulfill this commitment, QCA has decided to follow the guidelines set by the TEA (Texas Education Agency). Therefore, Qalam Collegiate Academy offers STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness), consequently, our curriculum is based on the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).



It is a part of our mission at QCA as well as our great privilege to be able to prepare our students for a lifelong commitment towards the learning of the sacred sciences and a deep sense of social responsibility. Our vision is to provide an education that enables students to establish faith, practice, and excellence first and foremost in their own lives and prepares them to be able to contribute more fully towards a complex changing society.

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The Hifdh Program is unique in the fact that not only is it geared towards an intensive memorization of the Holy Quran in its entirety, but it also fulfills students’ secular studies requirements as well. Additionally, we supplement hifdh students with additional tools that would enhance their memorization, like classes in Tajweed, Arabic and Islamic Studies.


About Us

Qalam Collegiate Academy (QCA) inculcates each young woman to lead a life of purpose and integrity by engaging her intellect, cultivating her strengths, and developing her self-confidence in order to be an integral member of society.

QCA aims to be an environment that educates and prepares our young women to be a determined and valued individual in the global community and to ascertain the recognition for the embodiment of her faith’s fundamental beliefs and values. We strive to develop and enhance each student’s awareness socially, emotionally, ethically, and intellectually which will empower them in any field they choose to pursue.



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