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Please 👍 LIKE, 💬 COMMENT & 🔔 SUBSCRIBE! Juz 5 is divided into three passages 23-43 starts off talking about marriage and the obligation of the bridal gift the mahr that is owed to the woman taking us to 34 talks about the responsibilities upon a husband and wife and then outlining the measures of reconciliation between them should there be disputes 36 are divine directives to support the framework of a healthy society, starting with establishing Tawheed, respecting parents, kindness towards relatives, orphans, the needy and the poor, the neighbor, the person seated next to you, the traveler, and the ones over whom you have authority. Leading us to the first ruling for the prohibition of alcohol, in 43 لا تقربوا الصلاة و انتم سكارى then talking about attaining purity through wudu, ghusl and tayammum in the same ayat, following which are numerous directives on how to deal with the enemies of Islam, highlighting the deep-rooted corruption within their hearts distorting the words of the divine in 46, 50 talks about them inventing lies against Allah SWT concluding the passage with the description of the punishment to warn them and following it up with the mention of Jannah to inspire them to change their ways. 58 - 94 talks about the condition to obey the Prophet SAW in numerous ayats, 59, 65, 69 and finally 80 مَّن يُطِعِ الرَّسُولَ فَقَدْ أَطَاعَ اللَّهَ ۖ . Leading us to 81 where we find the discussion of the hypocrites and their reluctance to obey Rasul SAW. In the concluding verses of this passage, Allah reminds the believers of his favor in guiding them to Islam and urges them to defend their faith against the enemies even if they are alone. Islam is a religion of peace therefore, 91 lists the code of conduct with people outside of Islam, 92-93 provides the legal rulings for four cases of killing, then leading us to the final passage from 95-147 that contains the matter of migration to the land of Islam, rulings around the salah of a traveler or performing salah in a battlefield. This then takes us to the end of the juz that begins with an address to the Muslims to uphold justice in every situation, be it with a Muslim or a non-Muslim, relative or a stranger, friend or an enemy, poor person or rich Then concluding the juz with another campaign against hypocrisy and finally ending the surah with a touch full of inspiration -what has Allah to gain by punishing you, all He wants from you is that you Believe in Him and be His grateful servants. - verse 147 Fawzia Belal Principal & Dean of Religious Studies Qalam Collegiate Academy website: www.myqca.org Tel: (972) 437-2526 Intelligence + Character Our Girls, Our Future


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