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Quranic Exegesis

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Quranic Exegesis is a prime offering of Qalam Collegiate Academy, with this program, we aim to embark on the discovery of the absolute truth to grasp the ultimate understanding of the purpose of our being through the knowledge of our creator. Additionally, Quranic Exegesis and Interpretation is also a program where students will work to


  • Refine their knowledge of grammatical constructs

  • Develop vocabulary

  • Analyze the language to bring verses to life, 15 AJZA’ IN A YEAR INSHA-ALLAH!

  • Understand the eloquence and the cohesion in the divine text to appreciate the beauty of the Quranic message.

  • And most importantly develop a deeper, transformative relationship with the Quran.


Let’s take our first step together towards discovering the ultimate beauty of human servitude to its CREATOR!

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