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Yaqeen High School Program


It’s tough to be young these days. And the bigger reality is that it’s even tougher to be a parent these days. At QCA, we become your partner to put up with a world of challenges that we never knew growing up. The world of social media, technology, and instant gratification. 

As the personalities of our children evolve, so will their perceptions of faith and identity. Our task, then, is to make sure that their beautiful faith continues to be relevant in their world for them. And this is achieved through open and engaging discussions on faith-based questions, cultural forces and realities that they must contend with today. 

Yaqeen Institute’s teaching resources help us to foster discussions with them around such topics and provide practical solutions to tackling the pressures of the adolescent years and beyond.

We are a community that believes in the goodness of each and every girl and we partner with her in her journey.

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