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  • When to apply to QCA?
    Admission inquiries for the new school year open in January and officially close in March. For the convenience of the families, QCA offers two testing dates between January and March. Information will be posted on the QCA website and all QCA social media pages. For the newly formed EPIC Boys School, admissions for the upcoming school year open on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. All information is available on the EPIC or QCA website/
  • What grade levels have openings?
    We have 20 new openings for any new grade level and another 20 in our earliest grade. Other grade levels may have openings based on attrition. Currently, registration for the girl's school is closed.
  • How can I apply for a seat for my student at QCA?
    As per the admissions policy, QCA does not allocate seats to students on a "first come, first served" basis. We offer limited seats each year and the admissions committee evaluates each application in a comprehensive manner step-by-step manner in order to ensure fairness, maintain an optimal student-teacher ration and most importantly to determine if QCA has the needed services to support and serve the student best. The committee looks at a variety of factors while considering an application and foremost is the ability and desire of the applicant and her family to support the mission and philosophy of the school. Other factors include, but are not limited to, QCA academic entrance test for 4th - 12th-grade students will be in Math, ELA, Science, and Arabic (For HS grades, along with QCA entrance tests there will be an additional college entrance test with Richland College). Students entering 1st - to 3rd grade will be assessed for cognitive, and motor skills in addition to Math and ELA assessments. Students entering kindergarten will be assessed for language, cognitive, and motor skills. Mandatory Meeting With the Administration to consider the school’s and the family’s mutual understanding of the educational goals of the applicant. Mandatory student interviews to determine students' personal interests and talents, qualities of motivation, and attitudes. (Depending on grade level the interview may vary between group or individual or both). Student's academic transcripts, and standardized test scores.(3rd grade and up) Please note the admission process is only a means by which QCA gets to know the student better and thus is better prepared to serve him during the school year. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the process. Admission inquiries for the new school year open each year in January and parents have until March to apply.
  • Is there any test preparation required prior to the admission test?
    We strongly discourage students from being tutored in any way for admission testing. The purpose of the test is to identify any learning gaps and determine whether QCA has the resources to support the student in meeting learning expectations. For the best testing situation, we recommend that students get a good night's sleep and have breakfast before coming for the test.
  • Are siblings of students or alumnae and children of staff/faculty/board members guaranteed admission?
    Admission decisions are primarily based on the composite of a variety of factors. Therefore no one is guaranteed admission; however, if all factors are equal, siblings of students or alumni and children of staff/faculty/board members may receive preferential consideration.
  • Who gets in the wait pool? Is the wait pool ranked?
    Each year, we typically receive more applications from qualified students seeking admission than we have room to accept in our classes. After the initial review is completed, a ranked wait pool is created to offer these students an opportunity to remain in consideration. As space becomes available, parents of the students in the wait pool are notified according to their rank.
  • How long do the wait pool students remain in consideration?
    Wait pool students who have gone through the admission process remain in consideration until the first two weeks of school in August. If they are not admitted but decide to apply for another admission year, they will wait till January to begin a new application and will go through a new admission process.
  • Can the student do anything to strengthen her chances of being selected from the wait pool?
    The committee looks at a variety of factors while considering an application and one of them is the desire of the student to join QCA. It may be helpful for us to know of the students or the family’s sustained interest. The applicant or the parents can do that by emailing
  • How soon will the wait pool students hear about the status of their application?
    The deadline for accepted students to reply is May 16th. In the past years, additional openings have become available when there are changes in a student's plan to attend QCA or when families move from the area. It is possible for a wait pool student to be invited for admission as late as August. QCA will notify parents of all students in the wait pool once the admission period officially closes after the first two weeks of school in the fall (August).
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